Oko w pończosze

Oko w pończosze

. so it’s easier to hold back the rain than a woman who craves a man. Katarzyna Pakosińska’s recital.

Femininity, grace and sexappeal. A smile that can conquist everyone’s heart. Despite whiskered lawmen, lions and spiders she fears nothing. It’s highly unusual the fact that she can outtalk even herself! Katarzyna Pakosińska!

During the show that has little to do with seriousness, the artist will reveal us unique secrets and answer questions bothering both: women and men, to which, of course, she knows the answers.

Because do you know how to maintain a happy relationship, would polygamy be a successful investment in Poland, also what is a modern man’s dream? Exactly!

Must not be lacking dances, songs and anecdotes you can take out of the meeting absolutely free of charge and without authorization.