Leszek Bzdyl


Dancer, choreographer, theatre director

He’s associated with theater from nearly 30 years as an actor, choreographer and director.

Co-founder of Dada von Bzdülöw – one of the first dance theater groups operating at the interface between acting and dance expression. There he also directed the performances A Few Brilliant Observations by Gombrowicz, Transmigrazione di fermenti d’amore, Intro and many others.

Lecturer at the Warsaw Theater Academy, he also taught at the State Ballet School in Gdańsk and at the Vocal and Acting School of Danuta Baduszkowa in Gdynia.

The role of the character, incl. Caliban in Shakespeare’s Storm directed by Julia Wernio (City Theater in Gdynia, 1999), David in Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love by Brad Fraser, directed by Piotr Kruszczyński (City Theater in Gdynia, 2000) and Clarin in Life is Calderon’s Dream directed by Julia Wernio (City Theater in Gdynia, 2003).

He appeared in music videos, incl. Baranovski, Meli Koteluk and Rasmentalism.

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