Katarzyna Pakosińska



Co-founder and former member of the ‘Cabaret of Moral Anxiety’.
The author of books about Georgia and a series of books for children about Malina’s adventures. In 2016 awarded by ZAiKS for her debut in the field of children’s creativity.
She graduated from the Secondary School of Fine Arts in Warsaw and the Faculty of Polish Studies at the Warsaw University. After graduation Katarzyna attended a two-year journalism study. Then for six years she was a journalist and publisher of programs on TV POLONIA. She also collaborated with the polish radio Trójka.
Katarzyna Pakosińska, apart from numerous stage performances, has also made film roles (including Deborah by R.Brylski), theater roles (including Story of Manon Lescaux by W. Siemion), and TV shows (Klimaty by M. Łazarkiewicz.).
She’s the author and co-producer of the documentary series Dancing with Georgia shown in on TVP in 2009 and on Georgian public television in 2015.
As an announcer, she has conducted the most important events in Poland (including National Festival of Polish Song Opole and Awards of the Minister of Culture).
Twice nominated for Master of Polish Speech.
Katarzyna takes part in numerous charity campaigns, she is also one of the ambassadors of the Kwiat Kobiecości organization, permanently cooperates with the Zaczytani Foundation and the Polish Multiple Sclerosis Society.
On stage ypu can see har at Kamienica Theater in Warsaw in Good Evening with Pakosińska (dir. Krzysztof Jaślar), ZUS, czyli Zalotny Uśmiech Słonia (dir. Emilian Kamiński), at the Capitol Theater in Warsaw in To win,to keep, to abandon 2. Breakings and Enterings (directed by Krzysztof Jaślar) and throughout Poland in the performances: The Marriage Dakar Rally (directed by Sigitas Parulskis) and Sex in a Woman’s Life (directed by Adam Marjański).
Known for her bespretentious smile and love for Georgia.

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