Anna Bolewska


Theatre, movie and tv series actress

Graduated in 2019 from Łódź Film School. In 2018 she debuted in highly rewarded Monument by Jagoda Szelc.

Anna gets her theatrical experience in Szwalnia Theatre in Łódź in The God of small things by M. Brzozowski. She also performes in children theatre performance Climate by B. Miernik which is an educational project on climate change for kids between 7 and 9 y.o.

Anna performed and participated in many shorts, theatre and performance art workshops, dance and psycho magic courses. 

In the spring of 2019 she completed a three month Acting for Drama course at the Institute of Performing Arts in St. Petersburg where she developed the methodology of working on the role according to the Russian director and theater educator Nikolai Demidov, whose approach focuses on cultivating the first spontaneous impulse.

As Ania says: In my creative work, the most important thing for me is contact with nature, subtle awakening of energy, accumulating it and using it without violence, which seems to me a real expression of strength. We are all shamans, but we have powers in various areas and spheres of life. Moreover we have different stories, experiences and skills. I like being a guide, but also like being guided. I profess non-hierarchical structures, sharing dynamically changing emotions and mutual support and respect in both: private sphere and professional life.

I am interested in expanding the awareness of not only the body but also the soul, listening to internal voices, personifying them, building characters, writing, painting and gymnastics, especially yoga and dance.

I believe in a global change of consciousness, going beyond the ego, working towards a positive change. I am not afraid of challenges, I try to become friendly with anxiety. By passion I’m an activist, especially ecological.


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