I don't like You, Mr. Fellini

A monodram directed by Marek Koterski

The biographical story of the Italian actress Giulietta Masina becomes a pretext to look at a universal, timeless, faithful woman who loses herself out of love for a brilliant but unfaithful husband, Federico Fellini.

On stage- only Giuletta / Małgorzata. Next to her, a suitcase with props characteristic for Fellini and Masina – a bowler hat, a clown’s nose, a trumpet, and other costumes. There is everything, all life, love and dislike for FeFe. The bulky suitcase accompanies Bogdańska from the very beginning till the end of the performance, and the items removed from inside of the suitcase open the next chapters of the artists’ life.

The performance directed by Marek Koterski is a real treat for enthusiasts and connoisseurs of Fellini’s work. However it doesn’t mean it will be unreadable to those who are not very familiar with the works of the maestro from Rimini.